Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Are you struggling for seating space in your kitchen? In modern times there are so many must have appliances and gadgets, that when you combine them with the ever-decreasing size of the average home in the UK, entertaining a group of friends, or even fitting your family around a table for breakfast can be a challenge.

In contrast to the traditional home layout, rooms are now losing their established boundaries, and adopting open plan styles. This transition has seen the loss of rooms conventionally used for leisure, and therefore created a need for seating to be integrated into areas of the home that conventionally serve a functional purpose, such as the kitchen.

So, how can seating in smaller areas of a room accommodate for large numbers of guests, comfortably?

corner bench

Have you thought about adding a corner bench?

Corner benches have been a functional solution that have, in recent years, been viewed as outdated and uncomfortable. However, designers have reinterpreted the corner bench for modern living, after rediscovering its advantages.

Comfort has been enhanced by amply upholstered seats and backrests, combined with dainty frames to create a contemporary look. Covers on this style of seating are commonly leather or microfibre for easy clean-up when the every-day mishaps occur, such as a knocked over glass.

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Or a breakfast bar?

Breakfast Bars in the kitchen are becoming a popular trend in the majority of kitchen renovations and rightly so, as they take up minimal room and so are easy to accommodate in most spaces.

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Perhaps a built-in solution?

Look around your current room size and layout, are there any corners or windows that would cater perfectly for a built-in seating area? Having your table and chairs built into your kitchen provides you with a beautiful solution and will really maximise the rest of your space.

Oakstone Showroom

Or traditional table and chairs?

If you are lucky enough to have enough space in your kitchen for a complete set of table and chairs then you have plenty of options and are probably more concerned with how you are going to fill your space as opposed to how you are going to fit everything in, which can be more of a challenge than people think.

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