Kitchen Case Study: KF Kitchens – Village Charm Meets Contemporary Function

Designer: KF Kitchens

Location: Devon

Completed: August 2018

Our latest Kitchen Case Study comes from our 2018 Studio Partner of the Year, KF Kitchens, with a truly beautiful kitchen transformation in the stunning village of Newton Ferrers in Devon. With the challenge of creating a charming, yet contemporary kitchen, find out how the expert team at KF Kitchen transformed this living space with great design and subtle style.


Design Dilemma

KF Kitchens

When KF Kitchens clients, Peter and Jane, approached the Plymouth-based kitchen studio, they had a design challenge that needed to be met. The couple wanted their recently-purchased property to have a spacious and bright open plan kitchen and dining area, fitted with high tech appliances and lots of storage. However, they also wanted the living space to reflect the charming character of their village home.

This is where the expertise of Nathan, Simon and Derinda from KF Kitchens came in. The team created a kitchen design that perfectly encapsulated Peter and Jane’s vision for style and spaciousness, whilst bringing additional functionality for everyday use with storage and appliances. Peter and Jane explain how the design that the team created “achieved exactly what we wanted – a kitchen with straight lines, lots of space and a nice big island area to work on, with plenty of practical storage”.


Upfront costs and guidance

KF Kitchens

It wasn’t just the design that Peter and Jane were impressed with. The upfront costs and guidance that KF Kitchens provided them with when designing their kitchen were also highly beneficial in allowing the couple to budget from the start. Peter and Jane explain how “Nathan drew up the design and gave us a cost immediately. It’s important to know what you’re getting for your money at an early stage”. When it came to designing the functionality of the kitchen, KF Kitchens explained everything as they went along, ensuring the kitchen would suit Peter and Janes from a functionality perspective, without disrupting the aesthetic. “There are so many options, but they guide you through them very well… They weren’t pushy. In fact, the whole process was very enjoyable.”



kf kitchens

When KF Kitchens arrived at the home of Peter and Jane, the old kitchen had been completely gutted, providing an empty shell for a stunning new living space. The fitting of the kitchen, flooring and plumbing went smoothly and stayed within the time schedule that Peter and Jane required.

When it came to style, the couple wanted neutral colours to brighten the living space and complement the existing colour of their dining room furniture. With white-painted shaker style timber doors in the main kitchen, Jane and Peter opted for a shade named ‘putty’ for the island doors – a two tone colour scheme which lifted the design with exquisite effect. Jane adds “For us, the kitchen works perfectly. It’s a blend of old and new, and we are very pleased it.”

Kitchen Island

Image Thumbnail

When first viewing this kitchen transformation, it is the kitchen island that you are drawn to, and with good reason. To tie the room together, Jane and Peter wanted the island to be their statement feature, boasting a beautiful patterned granite worktop. Looking more closely, you will see one end of this centre piece acting as a breakfast bar and the other as subtle, and highly-valuable storage, with a book shelf and wine rack framed by shaker style cabinet doors.

kitchen island
KF Kitchens

This Kitchen Case Study demonstrates how great design, combined with tasteful style, can transform a living space to enhance its existing charm. Find out more about KF Kitchens in their Studio Partner Spotlight or view another KF Kitchens Kitchen Case Study.

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