Once the preserve of the interior designer, mood boards are, in fact, a useful tool for anyone looking to experiment with a new aesthetic. Creating a mood board of images, colours and textures inspired by your own preferences serves an excellent purpose; allowing you to visualise whether your ideas will actually work well before you choose to put them into practice. As autumn announces itself with crisp mornings and colourful leaves the temptation is to head inside and get comfy. Often, this means updating our interiors with a pop of autumnal colour and cosy furnishings. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of seasonal homeware flooding into stores but creating a mood board helps you develop a look that you know you’ll love. Catalogues, magazines and TV can provide great inspiration, as can plants, leaves, poems – anything goes! Start your mood board off with some images and colour ideas that perhaps compliment your existing theme but allow you to take it in new directions. Completely re-thinking your look is not necessary – the mood board effectively enables you to experiment safely and test the suitability of styles and finishes.

Even the smallest tweak to fittings and fixtures can have a rewarding effect. 2016 has seen copper detail make a stylish resurgence, and switching to this warm metal can transform your interiors. Copper’s traditional feel is perfect for rustic styling but over the past 12 months it has also become a staple for adding dramatic and luxury touches, working well with even the most modern designs. Copper’s warming undertones are the perfect backdrop for autumnal accents; perfectly complimented by burnt orange and deep plum tones. In using a mood board, you can experiment, have fun, and settle on the right look before you commit.