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Loox 24V LED 3025 Downlights

Geometric design for the modern homeowner

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Kitchen Design Trend: Straight Lines

Everything you need to know about this growing kitchen design trend

More Marble Inspiration

Marble worktops are beautifully accentuated by neutral colour palettes, and a crisp, clean white tile couldn’t be more perfect! Stylish, beautiful and ever-so trendy, combine with copper for a modern,...

How to choose the perfect flooring for your new kitchen

How to choose the perfect flooring for your new kitchen Cooking spills, muddy pet paws, or simply the trampling of feet; your kitchen floor has to put up with a...
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Updating Your Kitchen: New Flooring

Updating your kitchen: new flooring You may walk all over it every day; however, it would be a mistake to overlook your kitchen floor. One of the hardest working elements...
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