In a world where plans rarely stay on track, there’s something reassuring about the security and stability evoked by a straight line. Impeccably straight lines rarely occur in nature, so perhaps we’re drawn to what they symbolise; order in a disorderly world.

Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that integrating straight lines into modern kitchen design is experiencing a surge in popularity at the moment. When we think of the use of straight lines in kitchen design, we typically consider how they are used in terms of layout, such as with the working triangle. However, designers are increasingly seeking creative new ways to incorporate linear design into the kitchen space and find the flexibility within a concept that is, by definition, unyielding.

The use of straight lines in kitchen design can significantly affect both aspect and depth perception. Horizontal lines, for example, widen our field of view, whereas vertical lines both ground us and make a space feel taller. Incorporating geometrical shapes in the home is a playful way to make straight lines more eye-catching, while the idea of linear perspective, where parallel lines appear to meet in the distance, helps to make spaces feel deeper and larger. There are numerous ways to integrate linear design within the living space, depending on the effect you are looking to create. There are also a variety of products which can make the aesthetic possible, whether designed for, or accidentally complimentary to, the purpose. Below are a few ways examples of these products, all of which can be integrated into your new kitchen, by your local Studio Partner.


Straight-style door and furniture handles are an easy way to incorporate straight lines into your kitchen design. Opt for this new Fosil lever handle, available in four contemporary finishes (rose gold, matt black painted, brushed nickel and brushed black nickel,) for a statement, straight-lined finishing touch.


Hung in a straight line over kitchen countertops, pendant lights are a great way to emphasise cabinets’ vertical, straight lines in kitchen design. Add a statement, finishing touch to your kitchen with these striking, drum-shaped Harry pendant lights, available in clear glass with satin nickel fittings or champagne glass with antique brass fittings.


Maximise the linear effect of your splashback with AluSplash. This aluminium- based splashback allows you to maintain a straight, unbroken finish, unlike tiles, and can even be used behind the hob. Available in ten on-trend colours, AluSplash is an affordable, durable and easy to clean choice that will add a chic, contemporary edge to any kitchen design.


Available in five striking colours, (anodised silver, powder coated graphite, anodised bronze, anodised brushed copper and anodised brushed brass,) these Aluminium plinth panels will perfectly accentuate your kitchen’s linear design, boldly emphasising the space beneath your cabinets.


It isn’t just cabinets that can show off straight lines with style; hobs, cookers and flat screen televisions can also look great in linear. This Smeg Victoria range cooker combines classic, clean lines with flawless functionality. It comes with several cooking compartments, including a main oven, auxiliary oven and grill compartment, as well as a gas hob, which each boast a variety of different cooking functions.

Small appliances

Choose small domestic appliances with straighter designs to carry on the linear theme, or those with bold curves to contrast against the overall aesthetic. The Smeg ECF01 Coffee Machine’s tall, slimline design is ideal for complementing both modern and traditional kitchens. Simple to use and maintain, the machine allows you to make professional- style coffee with ease.

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