Today’s splashbacks play a key role in shaping the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. Along with work surfaces, splashbacks are often one of the first things to catch the eye. The purely functional has become visually stunning – and never more so than with Alusplash.

Available through our network of Studio Partners, Alusplash is a sleek and modern alternative to glass, acrylic and tiled backsplashes. It’s super-durable and incredibly versatile. Unlike acrylic and other finishes, AluSplash can be used directly behind all cooktops and the material can be easily tailored to fit virtually any space. Alusplash is quick and easy to clean, and keeps the kitchen feeling fresh and brand-new.

Alusplash is also a particularly eco-friendly choice, an increasingly important consideration for today’s homeowners. It’s 100% recyclable, and the manufacturing process uses less energy to produce than glass alternatives. The finish is smooth, high-gloss and high impact. Light is beautifully reflected and the kitchen takes on a sleek and chic look at any time of day. A striking palette choice of metallic colours is available, delivering contemporary sophistication with a peppy twist. The colour choices are:

  • Metallic petrol blue
  • Metallic latte
  • Metallic black
  • Metallic warm grey
  • Metallic blueberry
  • Metallic olive green

Alusplash can be used to deliver eye-catching accent colour in just one area, or throughout the kitchen to create uniformity, clean lines and a distinct wow-factor.

Gone are the days when splashbacks provided a purely functional purpose. Today, functionality does not mean a compromise on style. Alusplash offers everything a modern home requires in terms of easy-to-clean hygiene and robust, hard-wearing longevity – including heat resistance for use behind the cooktop. But it is the smooth, high-shine, continuous-colour finish that really steals the show.

Find out more about Alusplash here or add this solution to your wishlist. You can read more about kitchen worktops, upstands & splashbacks here.