Burnt orange – the colour of Autumn. From gap-toothed pumpkins to hot spiced punches, open fires and flickering flame, it’s a colour that spreads comfort and defines the season.

Who wouldn’t want a little of that warmth throughout the year? The trick (or treat) is to use burnt orange as an accent colour, a little splash of Autumnal cheer to cosy-up kitchens and enliven living rooms. Think cushions or throws, think beautiful pots and stunning vases.

Painting recesses or alcoves allows just enough colour to add an intriguing Autumnal glow. The falling leaves of the season provide the clues to complimentary palettes that work – reds, yellows, browns and greys. In fact, why not bring the Autumn landscape in? Fir-cones and conkers, berries and branches – all can be used to make wonderful decorations. Check out these conker designs for a little inspiration.

Textures and finishes can mirror the changing landscape outside. Wooden surfaces can look fantastic – timeless, stylish but always homely. Or how about a copper finish, burnished and beautiful, giving a year-round shimmer?

Autumn is perhaps the forgotten season, the buffer between lazy summers and festive winters. But it’s a season of contrasts and delight. Let burnt orange be the spark for creative ideas.