Tiny House design is growing in popularity – Meet the new compact furniture revolution

In the growing UK urban landscape, increasing populations have already begun to occupy smaller amounts of space than today’s average. As a result these conditions have given rise to the Tiny House movement.

With living space already at a premium in many of Britain’s largest cities and real-estate prices on the rise, homeowners are looking for savvy ways to make the most of smaller spaces. As we adopt more environmentally aware buying behaviours we look for solutions that won’t cost the Earth. So, elaborate dining tables are out and multi-purpose furniture is in.

UK Furniture and Kitchen designers are responding proactively to this trend, offering customers the modern technology they require. Enabling clients to make small living spaces drastically more convenient. Here at Ideas For Living we have adapted our Kitchen Storage Solutions product offering to be more flexible to your needs. You can be sure that whether you prefer drawer storage or carousels stored behind closed doors, there’s always an efficient and stylish solution for you.

It’s not just kitchens that are feeling the squeeze of compact living. Customers now expect greater functionality from home offices, bathrooms and bedroom products. Consumers are demanding increased focus on versatility, accessibility and compactness in the coming years. Although there will always be a place for a work station, a dressing table and a bedside table, these designs are now likely to be modernised. Through implementation of folding and multipurpose functions designers are maximising the efficiency of space within the home.

Some products we are happy to recommend are:

Our Table Top Swivel Fitting Set

Pull-Out Bottle Rack

Tray Holder Pull-Out

Photo: Compact and productive: This space-saving home office desk is easily stored when not in use. © müller möbelwerkstätten