For many of us, Easter weekend provides the perfect opportunity to take a break, reconnect with families, celebrate, and indulge in a few luxuries.  It is also the perfect time to embrace some beautiful new changes to your home.

So, we have put together a couple of innovative ideas for your home a spruce for Easter.

Something for the garden

As we edge into the warmer months, we become a little braver with our room settings and begin opening our homes up to the great outdoors. If the garden has become a little neglected over the colder months, now is the time to give it some well deserved TLC.

Clever outdoor lighting is a great place to start, showcasing areas of the garden that you want to draw attention to and distracting the eye from the bits you haven’t got around to yet. An Easter egg hunt is the ideal opportunity to show off your new open-air display!

Home decorations

One of the strongest kitchen interior style trends that has continued into 2017 is industrial finishes.

If you love contemporary finishes such as copper worktops then you will love the copper brushed Easter eggs, which will perfectly complement your home. Alternatively, if your passion is the classic look of timeless marble you will adore the colour-infused marble décor that we’ve seen.

We are thrilled to see these trends reflected in Easter goodies this year. If you’re in charge of the Easter lunch this year, why not consider embracing them with some stunning table gifts to leave your guests in awe.

For inspiration and ideas of how to incorporate stylish Easter accessories into your home, take a look here.

However, you choose to spend your Easter, we hope you enjoy it!