When you’re short of inspiration it never fails to look outside. Nature provides the greatest palette, suggesting colour combinations that effortlessly translate to the indoors. The humble hydrangea is one of those plants that risks being overlooked, so common is it to UK gardens. But look again at its beautiful blooms and understand how those subtle shades can bring elegance and tranquility to your space.

Although an ever-present in UK beds, the hydrangea is Asian in origin, with the greatest species diversity found in China, Japan and Korea. That diversity has led to the development of wonderful colour variety and delicate distinctions.

Powder blue pastels and the blush of pinks and purples transform borders and bring grace to the garden. Why not bring that joy into your interior space?

The colours are best offset against a neutral background. In the kitchen and bathroom pale flooring and white surfaces allow the hydrangea accents to blossom. And consider the look of the plant, the softness of the flower-heads. Replicate with soft curves and flowing designs – no sharp edges. Carry the look through with rounded and tactile handles, soft-close drawers, little touches that suggest peace, gentility.

The colours can look equally refined and exquisite in the bedroom. Perhaps blend subtle pastels with a bolder statement wall. Accent with bedding, blinds or curtains.

There’s a reason for the hydrangea’s global popularity – its chalky colour palette is simply stunning. It’s time to let this outdoor favourite in.