Get in the zone – Open plan living is changing the way we think about space.

A trend that started with the kitchen-diner, homeowners are now adopting open plan styles into other areas of the home. As a result rooms are losing their defined boundaries, with temporary fixtures, textiles and decor changes distinguishing one space from another. Because of this movement homeowners are being able to transform their homes. With the focus now shifting to how a family home can become more sociable. Consumers are increasingly looking for flexible floorplan designs to allow a more open community feeling.

The appeal of installing an open plan kitchen is the ability to create multiple zones to cater for different users. When one person cooks another can sit and work, or engage the cook in conversation, making your space more sociable than ever before. Open plan kitchens also allow the flow of light through the space, creating a harmonious, healthy living space.

Applying the lessons of open plan kitchens to the rest of the house, the possibilities really are endless. With dividing walls eliminated, your kitchen, living room, study and hallway spaces transition effortlessly, not to mention how stunning a bedroom-washroom can look.

Alongside the benefit of feeling more spacious, a consistent design will help you to declutter your space. Open shelving units, curtains, sofas and sliding doors are the perfect way to divide your space into zones, without restricting yourself to the traditional rooms in a home. Similarly, architectural features such as beams, pillars, and stairs can help to define your different zones.

Functional zones you might want to consider include: Reading, crafting, laundry and cleaning. Whereas some great leisure zone ideas include: coffee bars, snugs, bar carts and music. With this spacious living plan, you can easily tailor your home exactly to your families needs. It also offers you endless opportunities to personalise your space.