As open-plan living grows in popularity across the UK, designing a deliberate and well thought-out lighting plan couldn’t be more important. You wouldn’t want to spend such a huge amount of time, effort and expense re-designing your home and not have it lit as perfectly as possible, would you? We believe that smart solutions to lighting are key in the modern home. We strive to combine stylish design with quality that you can rely on.

Cosy, atmospheric lighting is a balancing act that may seem intimidating at first, but there is loads of advice available when you need it. Pop into any of our Partnering Kitchen Studios and they will show you exactly how the Loox plug and play system can give you a versatile, dynamic and beautiful light presence. You know that every room in your home requires a unique solution, and none more than the kitchen. While blanket brightness is crucial for dark winter evenings, task lighting is vital for cooking and chopping, and subtle solutions compliment living space ambiance perfectly. There are many ways to play with light in your home, and there’s no reason you can’t have fun exploring the possibilities.

Keuchen Lighting

We find that one, or a few, stunning spotlights fitted with dimming switches help you create customised lighting whatever the occasion, allowing you to choose the ideal light levels for every situation. Built-in LED lights in your kitchen cabinets provide the perfect illumination for your glassware or crockery, and are activated only when you open the cupboard, saving energy and money. These Strip Lights can also be installed in short or long strips, allowing you to create subtle lighting across worktops, shelves, display cases and kitchen cabinets.

Some of our favourite lighting solutions:

  • Loox LED 3023 downlights – with a large surface area, these lights give out bright homogeneous lighting for display items, inside cabinets and food preparations spaces.
  • T5 Mini Strip Lights – providing a spotlight for shelving, plinths and under worktops.
  • Loox LED 2027 downlights – perfect muted light solution for inside glass-ware cabinets and inside drawers, this downlight is super versatile.