With open plan living and broken plan living trends on the rise, we’ve seen more and more homes quite literally opening living space up to the outdoors. Natural light plays an imperative role in creating a comfortable environment, helping to regulate your body clock, improve concentration and create a calm, tranquil setting. So, how can you bring more light into your home?

Sheer Illusions


It might be obvious, but start with windows and doors. First of all, embrace what you already have. Strip back on furnishings that may block light, such as thick blinds and heavy curtains. You can still protect your privacy with lighter alternatives, such as sheer curtains, venetian blinds, or brighter fabrics.

Open Up


If budget allows, think about installing new windows or patio doors to your external walls to create the illusion of additional space. If you are lucky enough to have external space, embrace it! The addition of a window or door to the side of the room that receives the most sunlight can make an incredible difference. If you are limited for outside space, and therefore restricted when it comes to doors and windows, look upwards. Skylights are ideal for opening a naturally dark room up to natural light, where the rooftop is above the living space. You don’t normally need planning permission for replacing or adding new windows, but this is definitely a consideration worth researching, especially if you are thinking about installing a skylight.

Internal folding doors can also be used to open up space and maximise natural light, as well as creating definition if you want to maintain boundaries between rooms – the ultimate living space flexibility! Take a look at the Roomflex folding doors.

Time for reflection

Reflective mirrors

Positioned correctly, the simple addition of a mirror can transform a room to feel bigger and brighter. The creative use of mirrors not only results in the reflection of light, but also creates a stylish, enchanting sparkle that fills the room. Budget-friendly, mirrors are a flexible solution that can be updated regularly to suit any style.

Wood works

Natural light

Synonymous with nature, light wood creates a clean and fresh feel to any room, and will compliment any decor choice perfectly. Inspired by Scandinavian design, this is a simple style that transitions effortlessly through every season, accentuating floral displays in spring, as well as the fantastic festive details in Winter. The versatile nature of light wood means that you can start small with furnishings and compact storage solutions, or go big with wall cabinets and sideboards.

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