A trend to stick around: multifunctional furniture for the modern mover

Anyone who moves house regularly or lives in a small home understands the need for versatile furniture that readily adapts to their new small living room space or tiny homes.

Furniture manufacturers across Europe are now designing their furniture to adapt to this change in lifestyle; creating portable, multi-purpose products that will help customers to make the most of their spaces. Foldaway beds, pull down desks and hidden solutions are a great way to make the most of increasingly small living areas. It’s no wonder why multi-functional furniture is attractive for today’s nomadic, mobile homeowner – the ingenious space saving technology transforms the way we think about space!

Although multi-purpose products are largely designed to be functional, they certainly don’t skimp on style. The Banio sink storage solution below is modular, modern and minimal; a beautiful fit with a contemporary bathroom or kitchen.


Another fantastic product with multiple functions is this table top swivel fitting set, which allows for extra dining, working or food preparation space. This space saving solution is perfect for a family who need additional space when visitors stop by, but not everyday. Also ideal for anyone living in a compact home that needs additional space for working or dining but doesn’t want to sacrifice an area of floor space permanently.

Swivel Table Set

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Photo: State-of-the-art furniture design serves multiple purposes in the home. Foldaway beds are a great example, as seen here in the Hotel Ibis Styles in Trier (left) and the Hotel Ibis Styles in Nagold (right). © Häfele