Show off your home with open display storage to suit your style.

Whether you’re particularly pleased with your stylish kitchen utensils, want your favourite recipe books on hand while you cook, or want to air your fresh herbs by your window, this is a trend you’ll love. Display storage is a traditional kitchen style allowing both easy access to your belongings and a way to inject your character into the design.

A cosy style in both the smallest or most spacious kitchen, opting for space saving display storage is a popular choice. Fit shelves in alcoves to utilise free space or install a hanging rail to maximise wall space. A hanging rail allows you to both organise your belongings and design for maximum visual impact; you can carefully position every product artfully on the rail and even turn decorative spice jars, utensils or knife blocks into a decorative feature.

We know it’s important to have the flexibility to easily change your interior design with the seasons, your needs and the tastes of your family. Open display shelving and storage is a great way to update your features affordably and easily. If you don’t want your personal items on show all the time, opt for trendy curtain or translucent glass panel for optional privacy.

Photo: A railing system combines flexible storage space for kitchen utensils with visual impact. Aluminium railing system © Häfele