Your home is where you should feel most at peace but if that isn’t reflected in your design choices, you’re missing a trick.

Designing a room that invokes tranquility and calm doesn’t have to mean a lack of character. There are ways to incorporate an array of colours into your home whilst avoiding the overly sterile look that too much white can create. Use subtle grey tones or earthy neutrals as your basis and add a welcome pop of colour with baby blue or lavender. Whatever colours you go for, be sure to have a general colour theme – a combination of too many contrasting shades can ruin a room’s relaxing aesthetic.

Lighting plays a crucial part in setting a comfortable environment. Natural lighting helps to regulate your body clock, allowing you to properly unwind and get a better night’s sleep. Where possible, try not to block windows with heavy curtains or bulky furniture.

In rooms with less natural lighting, avoid a single and centred artificial light fixture. Instead, using dimmer switches and lamps will help create a serene and relaxing ambience. Well-placed mirrors open up smaller spaces that are in need of light, and using glass tables or shelving eliminates shadowy spaces.

Your lighting and colour palette may be the epitome of tranquillity but unless your space is clutter-free, you’ll never be able to fully unwind. Eliminating the visual distraction of clutter relies on functional but minimalist storage systems. Under-bed storage or simple built-in wardrobes are an intelligent use of space – allowing you to keep things organised and tidy but out of sight.

The most relaxing and comforting spaces often incorporate nature as a theme. Not only will house plants help purify the air in your home, but bringing natural elements inside helps create a calm environment. Cacti and succulents are super easy to maintain and will add a welcome touch of greenery. Wooden furniture or accents are another great way to integrate organic materials inside your home.

A combination of colour, light, clever storage and natural accents will help you create a setting where you can relax, unwind and enjoy some mindful moments.