Nautical decor is the perfect accompaniment to a spring makeover and can be achieved in a number of ways. It’s easy to forget that we experience a space by more than just look and neglect the other senses. When you’re designing any space it’s important to think about how can you see yourself using the space: What would you like it to feel like? What are your favourite textures to touch? Which are your favourite scents? What would you like it to sound like? Thinking further ahead than just the aesthetics can help you create a beautifully personalised and unique space.



The science of colour goes back centuries, dating even back to the early 1300’s. Colours can affect your mood, the character of a space and even how others perceive you, making it vital that you choose a palette that suits you.

The colours associated with a nautical, coastal decor are blues, whites and light neutrals. These colours are widely considered to be harmonious, calming tones, perfect for a busy family home. If you wish you had more of a sense of tranquility and peace in your home this is another reason this is the perfect design choice for you.

Shades of blue are almost limitless, with tones ranging from deep, moody midnight blue to light, refreshing baby blue. Play with different layers of blue, contrast and lightness can change the atmosphere of a room dramatically.



Another element often overlooked is the sense of touch. While most of us vary texture by default – our cushions and curtains are often a different texture to our carpets, sofas and furniture – it can be a great benefit to consider texture in it’s own right. Rather than just by happy coincidence. Designers have been looking at texture increasingly over the last decade, with how something feels to touch becoming more of a design element than ever. The sensation of temperature, flexibility, malleability and roundness are especially fantastic examples of how texture is more than just how soft something is.

Nautical is a great theme for exploring texture as the beach has such a variety of materials. Driftwood, sand, shells, water and stone are great places to start.



Fragrance expert Rayda Vega explains that scent is an accessory. It is important as any other of your home accessories and definitely isn’t something you should forget. Every house has a distinct scent. It smells like you. It smells like your family. It smells like home. If everyone could bottle that scent and take it with them wherever they go the world would be full of happier people! Second best to this is to scent your home with things that make you happy and evoke memories. Scents such as sea salt, vanilla and fresh linen are fantastic choices if you opt for a nautical home decor theme! These are all available across the market in candle and spray forms. Our personal favourite is fluffy towels by Yankee Candles. Another way to scent your home is to make your own spray, and there are some fantastic tutorials available to you.



Sound is a great mood setter. Whether you like a buzz of activity in your home, or a relaxing melody to relax to, getting the noise levels right for you is important. Invest in a speaker system (we love this one from Häfele, available through your local studio partner) and explore different sounds until you find something you love. You don’t need to limit it this to your favourite artist or band. Instrumental accompaniments are another great alternative. There’s loads of free music for you to enjoy on YouTube. We particularly love the sounds of birdsong and waves, although the variety truly is endless.