Today we’re looking at beautiful spring green shades and how natural tones can actually benefit your health!

Clean, refreshing whites paired with crisp green tones create a balance and equilibrium in the home. Furthermore this has been reported to have significant positive impact on your mental wellbeing, bringing you health and happiness. There are lots of fantastic affordable ways to invite nature into your home, moving forward from a simple lick of paint. Simply give your family some extra comfort, excitement  hope, and a sense of peace with a spring awakening of your home furnishings.

Energise your space with striking statement doors.

Green Wardrobes

Feng Shui your space with the colour of renewal: Grassy Green. Industry Expert Rodika Tchi explains that introducing green into your family area is great for calming your nerves and nourishing your health. In addition she advises that adding multiple layers and shades has the most benefit. We believe that offsetting your furniture with mossy coloured sliding cupboard doors works fantastically. Don’t forget to layer with shades of emerald, jade and lime for a rounded, natural feeling space.

Refresh your kitchen with white worktops and subtle hints of nature.

Quartz Worktop

White and green are a beautiful combination all year round. They brighten your home, lift your mood and reflect light to create an airy space. Alternatively if you aren’t ready for bold green walls then opt for a subtle and stylish splashback. You could also try chalky sage green cabinetry for a traditional look. The below image is a beautiful space from our Studio Partners at deVOL kitchens.

deVOL green kitchen

Nurture your space with green plants and flowers.

Herb Garden

It’s really important to invite nature into your home in as much as you can. Encouraging growth in your home is invigorating and provides fresh, clean air in your living space. With interior designers across the country becoming more mindful of sustainably sourced materials and recycling, this is a fantastic opportunity to nurture your green thumb. Another idea we love is suspending fresh herbs from your kitchen hanging rail, keeping them close for when you’re cooking.

Display Storage