One of the biggest kitchen trends over the past couple of years has been open plan living as homeowners adopt a style that creates less distinction between living areas and ‘opens up’ the home. Broken plan living is an evolution of open plan and is the perfect compromise for those who aren’t quite ready to commit to open plan living.

Spatial and sociable


Broken plan maintains the same spatial and sociable benefits of open plan living, but with an element of distinction between spaces and functions. Solutions such as half walls, partitions, different floor finishes and mezzanines can be used to create an interconnected space that creates distinct zones without losing definition completely.

Ideal for… Entertaining


This living style is ideal for homeowners that like to entertain. The sociable nature means you can cook whilst chatting to your friends who are sat at the table, and food can be delivered to and from these zones with ease. Solutions such as folding doors are the perfect broken plan solution for entertainers, opening up space for your guests but also providing the flexibility to create distinction when needed (so you can close them and hide the washing up after dinner).

Ideal for… Family life


Broken plan is a living trend that is great for now but also for the future. For homeowners with families, this style takes the spatial element of open plan, creating space even when space is at a premium, and develops on it. For families with young children, this means more room for family life but room that can then be redefined to create a sense of distinction as children get older and their needs change. Solutions such as this Table Top Swivel Fitting  are great in bringing this flexibility to living space, providing a defined work space for homework or food preparation that can be folded away when not in use.

If you’re looking to redesign your living space and think that the broken plan living trend could work for you, your local Studio Partner will be happy to discuss how the concept could work in your home.


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