Before we start talking about the benefits of bespoke kitchen furniture, it is important to understand what ‘bespoke’ really means. The Oxford Dictionary refers to bespoke as ‘Made for a particular customer’ and it is the ‘made’ element of this definition that is important to understanding the term. For us, bespoke kitchen furniture is furniture that has been specifically made for the needs of an individual kitchen, rather than furniture that has been laid out to suit those needs.  

It is important to remember that any well-planned kitchen should be designed around your individual needs – both those of today and in years to come, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to be bespoke. It may be that you require a cabinet width that is different to the norm, a storage unit that none of your friends or family have, or a contrasting handle for your cabinet front. This is good kitchen design, rather than bespoke kitchen design. Bespoke kitchen furniture would be required if you had, for example, wooden beams on your kitchen ceiling that required furniture to be measured and manufactured to fit – a unique need.

So, what are the benefits of bespoke kitchen furniture?



Unique to you

Working with a Studio Partner to design bespoke kitchen furniture provides you with the opportunity to have creative ownership over the exclusive design – a unique characteristic to be proud of. It’s important to think about every element of this opportunity – starting with the functionality and how this will benefit your every day life, right through to the materials used and finished aesthetic. These bespoke pieces could truly transform your living space.

Our recent Kitchen Case Study from Essex-based Studio Partner, Davonport, demonstrates this perfectly. The show-stopper of this beautiful kitchen is the bespoke floating island, made to fit their clients unique brief, “I was desperate to have a totally unique kitchen island, so when Richard came up with the design that featured a floating island and had found a way to construct what I was looking for, it was so exciting”. View the rest of the Kitchen Case Study here.

Enhancing Character

It may be that you want to enhance or complement an existing design feature in your kitchen and require bespoke furniture to do so. For example, maybe your property has traditional wooden beams running along the ceiling and you want to maximise storage as much as possible without disturbing them or interrupting their aesthetic. A Studio Partner offering bespoke kitchen design will be able to make and manufacture furniture from raw materials specifically for your property, to the specific width to fit in between the beams or by creating lower cabinets but with configuration to maximise storage, for example. This could apply to any characteristic of your kitchen that you wish to enhance; an existing fire place, unique window or floor design, perhaps.



The materials used in your new kitchen will be highly significant to the overall function and finish of the living space. When it comes to bespoke kitchen furniture, you can rest-assure that your kitchen designer will know the materials well, as they will often be working with them in raw form during the manufacturing process. This means that they will be the experts in the durability, strength, intended use and practicality of the material, and the material will be made-to-measure to your exact needs.

When deciding on a material, it’s worth thinking about considerations such as intended style; are you going for a seamless finish or would you like to highlight certain areas with contrasting materials? How often the furniture will be used and who will be using it – will this be a storage area used by all the family or a drinks cabinet used occasionally by adults? Your Studio Partner will talk you through the most suitable materials to meet your needs and ensure that your kitchen will stand the test of time and look great.