Bonfire night is the perfect excuse to wrap up and get toasty with family and friends. You can either demonstrate your own firework flare or sit back and enjoy the neighbours’ displays whilst waving sparklers, eating fabulous food and making memories with friends. Either way, we’ve put a few ideas together to make sure your bonfire night party gives your guests a real night to remember.

Creating Ambiance Outside


Embrace your natural surroundings

Nothing creates ambiance better than the flicker of candles or the illumination of lanterns and fairy lights, and no place showcases these better than the great outdoors. Embrace the natural surroundings in your garden; trees or fences are perfect for hanging battery powered fairy lights and placing lights over steps not only looks great but lights up the area to ensure none of your guests trip up. Now the clocks have gone back, the sun sets between 4:00 – 4:40pm in November so bare this in mind during your preparation.

Tables and Chairs


Getting comfy and cosy

Ensure you have plenty of seating for your guests. Think about how you can organise the seating to be as communal as possible; you want your guests to talk to each other so make it easier for them by placing seats in a circle and provide plenty of blankets to keep them warm. Place candles on tables for conversations over the atmospheric flicker of candle light but ensure the flame is protected and out of reach of children.



Autumn warmers on chilly evening

There’s nothing that your guests will appreciate more on a chilly evening than warm comforting food. Keep it simple and put on a spread of that your guests can hold whilst watching the entertainment. Hot dogs are perfect for this kind of evening and can be cooked inside in the oven or on the barbeque. Offer them with a twist to remember; create a choice of inventive toppings such as chutneys, chilli, jalapeños, cheese selections and crispy bacon, as well as classic fried onion. Take a look here for more toppings inspiration. Jacket potatoes are also a guaranteed crowd-pleaser and can be cooked in advance and then kept warm. Your hot dog toppings selection will also impress on these Autumn warmers.

Sweet Treats

For a sweet treat that’s got a crunch to rival the autumn leaves, there’s nothing like toffee apples. This guilty pleasure is traditional for this season, and rightly so, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own twist on these tasty treats. Take a look at this recipe for nutty toffee apples or think about adding small chocolates or sweets for your younger guests. When it comes to preparing food that results in messy peelings or crumbs, solutions such as the Sweepovac will make your life so much easier, letting you ditch the dustpan for good!



Reaching distance refreshments

Nobody wants to miss the fun outside to go back inside for a drink – so bring the drinks to you and your guests. Keep buckets filled with beer and wine on tables so they’re in reaching distance. Don’t forget soft drinks if you have younger guests attending – you could even be creative and make mini mocktails. Take a look here for non-alcoholic, but just as delicious, drinks inspiration. The pull out wine rack is the answer to your entertaining prayers for evenings like this, allowing you to easily access your favourite drinks to ensure your guests’ glasses (or drinks buckets in this case!) never run dry. Sit back and enjoy one of the most spectacular nights of the year with your nearest and dearest.

Is your house fire-safe?

Bonfire night is a great reminder to make sure our homes are as safe from fire as possible. The GIRASmoke & Heat Detector optically identifies small smoke particles before situations become hazardous, as well as measuring temperatures with thermal sensors.