Problems with Plastic

In the last few weeks, bottled water has been the subject of negative headlines once again. Studies by the World Health Organisation have found that the levels of plastic fibres in well-known brands of bottled water could be twice as high as tap water, with 90% containing tiny pieces of plastic. This was just the latest concern about bottled water, after a series of concerns have shaped recent headlines. The issue of plastic water bottles and their harmful impact on the health of both the population and the environment was highlighted by this year’s Earth Day (April 22nd), which focused on ending plastic pollution. This global event sees the involvement of over 1 billion people every year and it was clear this year that the subject of single-use plastic demanded action from many.

Exceptional Water Quality

The GROHE Blue Home offers exceptional water quality straight out of the tap and with none of the problems of plastic. This stylish appliance combines outstanding convenience and functionality with a sophisticated water cooler to provide filtered sparkling and still water directly from the kitchen tap. The combination of the five-step filtration process and dual flow spout give GROHE Blue Home water an unrivaled pure taste. It isn’t just the unbottled water factor that makes GROHE Blue Home such a desirable appliance for the kitchen. With experts recommending that we drink at least 2ltrs of water per day, it becomes easier than ever to stay hydrated with a refreshing glass of water – whether that’s still, lightly sparking or sparkling. There is also an optional magnesium+ filter, which can provide as much magnesium as four applies in 2ltrs of GROHE Blue Home water.

Cutting down on plastic in the kitchen

Of course it isn’t just bottled water that adds to the problems that plastics can bring. Think about solutions such as vegetable baskets to keep your groceries fresh without the need for plastic packaging, or investing in a coffee machine to eliminate the need for picking up a plastic cup on your morning coffee run. Alternatively, take a look here to find out how you can reduce your plastic use.

GROHE Blue Home in your home

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