While copper has long reigned as king of the kitchen accents and accessories, there’s a new metallic finish set to dominate throughout 2018 – gold!

Gold you can hold

Metal finish handles are going nowhere this year, and why should they? They work hard in the kitchen, providing reliable durability and easy maintenance. It is often the handles that give kitchens their finishing touch and allow homeowners to really stamp their personality on their living space, and no finish does this more than gold. Adding gold handles into the kitchen can be a quick way to give a fresh new feel that has maximum impact and can be set perfectly against almost any finish, whether that be natural wood or our favourite pastel millennial pink.

Golden glow

There’s a warmth that comes from golden hues that many other finishes simply can’t match. If you’re not ready to commit to gold cabinetry, appliances or accessories then think about adding lighting with a golden effect, such as warm white LED lights to areas of your kitchen. Nature’s own light carries golden hues; the flicker of a candle and setting of the sun and that warmth can easily be created throughout the whole, or just certain areas of your kitchen. If you’re unsure about how to approach the lighting plan in your kitchen, speak to one of our Studio Partners.

Tap into gold

The tap is often the unsung hero of the kitchen; one of the key appliances that works hard throughout the day, from pouring a morning drink to preparing food before a meal and washing up after it. Gold taps can create a stunning statement in the kitchen or they can blend in with more traditional design to create a subtle elegance.

Before thinking about the finish of your kitchen tap, find out what kind of tap will suit your kitchen style.

Golden charm

Gold is no longer just a finish for the rich and famous. Yes, it can still create an enviably luxurious finish, but used in the right way it can bring with it a unique and rustic charm. When it comes to accessories, gold can transform otherwise plain decor to create personality and warmth. This look can be easily created with some simple upcycling. Visit our Pinterest page for inspiration.

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