Science fiction in the home

Science fiction has transitioned from our imagination, into our homes. The term being coined is “Smart Home” and the revolution is allowing us more control over our homes than ever. We have become familiar with devices such as smart music systems. While voice controlled Smart TV’s are becoming the norm. With technology constantly improving our homes are set to become more advanced than ever.

Check out this gorgeously innovative lighting solution below:

One of the most outstanding highlights at kitchen exhibitions so far has been the unveiling of robotic personal assistants. These smart kitchen appliances communicate with homeowners through language, gestures and facial expressions. They not only listen to requests, but respond to questions posed to them. By networking with other wi-fi appliances in the home, the robot knows how long the roast dinner needs to stay in the oven for, whether the milk bottle in the fridge is full or empty, and what you can expect from the weather tomorrow.


Smart Home


Smart Home

Without realising, homeowners have already become part of a connected revolution with robots playing their part throughout the home. As the technology continues to improve Smart Home systems will become more common-place. The exhibition below perfectly demonstrates how innovative minds are planning to transform our homes.