The process of designing a new kitchen is incredibly exciting but can also be daunting. When clients first come to us, many have a style that they have in mind but feel overwhelmed when it comes to some of the practical aspects. Myself and my husband Mike have had years of experience advising and working alongside customers to break down this confusion and to create the perfect space for them. Working alongside our highly experienced team of kitchen fitters, the tips below are the key considerations to make when designing the perfect kitchen.

Reconnaissance Mission

Take a walk around your kitchen as it currently is and think about what works for you and what doesn’t. Think about what niggles you and what you find useful then make a note of these things – this will serve as a useful list and great starting point when it comes to discussing your new kitchen with the designer at the early stage.

The Purpose

Think about exactly what you need from your kitchen – what does it need to do for you? Perhaps you are a keen cook and need lots of worktop space, or maybe you need a large fridge and freezer or space dedicated to storing all of your gadgets, pans, utensils and accessories.

The Technology

Remember to plan for plenty of electrical sockets and to place them in the right areas. There isn’t anything worse than envisioning the perfect place for your stylish new toaster or kettle but not having a plug socket near enough. As more and more of us use our smartphones and tablets for recipes, tutorials and music, it’s also really important to be able to charge them whilst using them nearby. Retractable sockets built into islands are also a fantastic addition when it comes to baking, etc.

It’s all in the Storage

You can never have enough storage in the kitchen. When it comes to accessibility, drawers tend to be much more practical than large cupboards, so work out how you can reach these spaces without needing to delve into the back.

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