Kitchen storage may not be your first thought when designing your new kitchen, but consider it early on and you are guaranteed to thank yourself later. However you intend to use your living space, and regardless of size or shape, the need for well-organised kitchen storage is only ever going to increase, as you acquire more must-have appliances and utensils – all of which are competing with each other for your valuable worktop space. Kitchen storage comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, many of which can be concealed in your kitchen cabinets out of sight and mind, and all will save you space and time searching for those every day essentials. Here, we take you through the various forms of kitchen storage so that you can find the perfect solutions for your lifestyle and living space.


Doors or drawers?

The layout of your base cabinets will be decided relatively early on in the planning process and will impact the overall finish of your kitchen so think about the balance between drawers and doors carefully. You can read our full doors vs drawers guide here.


Ideal for…

Drawers are ideal for quick and easy access of smaller items, bringing the contents to you with a birds eye view, and can be easily fitted with inserts for additional organisation. You will also benefit from ambient lighting with this form of kitchen storage, as the drawer itself will become naturally illuminated – something that won’t happen at the back of a cabinet. Drawers can also provide a more modern finish, especially when fitted with push-to-open technology – perfect if you are opting for a handle-less or sleek aesthetic. When it comes to cleaning, most drawers and inserts are removable so you can easily wipe, wash or hoover them.


Product Spotlight

These unique drawers, available from your local Studio Partner, have been designed by leading movement experts, Grass. With ultra-thin sides, these drawers will allow you to store more and are available with soft close or touch-to-open functionality. The drawers themselves are available in stylish stone or silver finishes, with sides that can be customised to suit your style preference. These drawers can also be fitted with drawer inserts so you can stay super organised whilst benefiting from a truly flawless finish. Find out more or add to your wishlist.


Ideal for…

Larger items such as small appliances or medium-sized items such as pots and pans, when combined with shelving of a pull out unit. Also ideal for a traditional aesthetic. Door cabinets allow you to maximise every inch of space without drawer inserts, making them ideal for larger items. This form of kitchen storage is also ideal for creating a great sense of spaciousness and a more traditional finish – perfect if you are opting for a shaker-style or farmhouse kitchen. Door cabinets provide you with a front-view of your contents, meaning that you can easily identify items that have labels, such as spices of jars for example. However, you will only be able to see the items that are at the front of the cabinet here. For added functionality to your kitchen storage, consider adding shelving or a pull out unit so that you can still gain from the benefits of cabinet doors, but with increased accessibility.


Product Spotlight

These beautiful pull out baskets boast a solid white base, enhanced by a chrome flat bar rail, and are available in a range of widths. Adding these pull out baskets to your kitchen cabinet will provide increased access to contents, benefiting from both a birds-eye and front-view. You also won’t have to worry about balancing items on top of each other, as these baskets will allow you to organise your items efficiently. Find out more or add to your wishlist.

Corner Units

Ideal for…

Increased storage with easy access to every day essentials, cleaning products, pots and pans etc.

The corner space in your kitchen can sometimes go either completely unused or become home to the lost and forgotten about – either way, without a corner unit, you risk losing the potential of this often hidden gem. Corner storage units come in a variety of shapes and sizes but the most popular form is a pull out corner unit. This highly-convenient form of kitchen storage is concealed within the cabinet and allows you to easily access contents from even the far corners, eliminating the need for you to get down on your hands and needs, searching for that missing item.


Product Spotlight

Never lose an item in the back of the cabinet again, with this beautiful pull out corner unit. Paired perfectly with the pull out unit in the Doors section, this corner unit features a solid white base and flat chrome bars. The trays themselves can operate independently, so that you can easily access the contents of one whilst the other remains concealed in the cabinet. Find out more or add to your wishlist.

Larder Units

Ideal for…

Maximising space and storage with vertical storage.

Kitchen storage doesn’t just apply to the horizontal space available to you in drawers and behind lower cabinet doors. In fact, vertical storage space can be some of the most valuable to you, especially if your kitchen is of small-medium size. It is this storage in your kitchen that allows you easy access to the contents typically found in your larder, such as herbs, spices, jars, tins and food, without disruption. With technology that allows you to bring the items to you in a smooth and effortless movement, these units allow you a side and front-on view of contents so that you can access even the items at the back with ease.


Product Spotlight

This discreet and sleek larder unit from international supplier, Vauth Sagel, embodies German manufacturing to provide a vertical kitchen storage unit that is a pleasure to use. The basket heights can be adjusted to suit your needs, playing host to items varying from wine bottles to chutney jars with ease. With soft close and smooth operating functionality, this larder unit is sure to enhance your kitchen experience, as well as the overall look of your living space. Find out more or add to your wishlist.

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