Compact Living is about optimising your available space, especially when you live or move into a small home, or co-habit with others.

Here in Britain, we have some of the smallest homes in Europe. In fact, the average floor space of a British home is just 76sq m compared to 137sq m in Denmark, for example. With the average house size continuing to shrink and homeowners prioritising location over square footage, thinking small is becoming increasingly vital. 

But the rise in Compact Living isn’t just down to necessity. The space-optimising solutions used to facilitate this living trend are both innovative and provide a highly desirable aesthetic, as well as a wow factor finish.

Our Studio Partners are experts in optimising space and will be able to advise you about the best solutions to integrate into your home if you want to get smarter with space. These could include sliding doors, audio solutions and clever, concealed storage.  For example, they may suggest replacing your standard doors with sliding, pivot or pocket systems. These use less room than hinged doors, freeing up floor space and maximising a rooms area, whilst still giving you the option to close off areas for privacy, security or comfort.

Here’s a selection of products and solutions that could create more life per M2 in your living space:

Maximise your valuable storage space with the Ninka Qanto. This unique and innovative solution will transform those inaccessible kitchen corners into storage areas that you depend on. The storage trays rise out of the kitchen surface at the touch of a button, bringing your items to you with ease and efficiency.

Save valuable floor space with a top-hung system, such as the Hawa Junior 80/B, for internal pocket doors.

This fold up ironing board can be mounted on your wall to become the perfect, space saving solution for your everyday domestic use. It has a swivel range of 180˚ and can be locked in a right, left or inclined position.

Open your living space to the outdoors with the Slido Fold 100u. This high quality folding door system for is ideal for external patio doors and is fully security and weather tested, as well as being covered by Häfele’s Lifetime Guarantee.

Make the most of even the narrowest of spaces with the Vauth Sagel Sub Slim. This cabinet storage includes two pull out storage baskets which fit within a 150 mm cabinet.

Make the most of the vertical space in your kitchen with this vertical Powerdock, ideal for chargers and appliances.

Ideal for living spaces that are limited in space and need to facilitate multifunctional living, consider this fold out bed solution. Speak to your local Studio Partner for more information.

Want to find out about how you can achieve more life per m2 in your living space? Contact your local Studio Partner