Step Two

Your ideal kitchen Layout

Step Two

Your ideal kitchen Layout


The most effective kitchens are divided into 5 areas, typically cooking, cleaning, preparation, consumables storage, and non-consumables storage, and getting the relationship between these areas right is key to how well your kitchen flows. The path between your oven or hob, fridge and sink is the one you will tread most frequently.


The Working Triangle

The path you will tread most frequently in your kitchen is between the oven/hob (cooking zone), the fridge (consumables area), and the sink (cleaning zone).

For the most efficiency in the kitchen, this journey needs to be optimised. Not too far, or you’ll waste time and energy. And not too close, otherwise the kitchen will feel cramped. This is known as the working triangle.

Think About The Zones In Your Kitchen

  • Consumables Area
  • Preparation Area
  • Cleaning Area
  • Non-Consumables Area
  • Cooking Area
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The consumables area

This is the area where you store your food including fresh (fridge), frozen (freezer) and dry goods (larder / pantry). It is where all the items you need on a daily basis are kept for cooking and feeding you and your family. These should be stored in drawers or easy-to-access cabinets.

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The Prep area

This is where all the work happens: where you prepare the raw materials before cooking, so it’s where you need your pots and pans, knives and other cooking utensils easily to hand. This area is best placed between the fridge, cooking and sink zones. You may also want to store small appliances close by such as mixers and blenders plus cutting boards and mixing bowls.

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The Cleaning Area

Your sink and dishwasher: it the hub where everything eventually ends up! With plumbing, the sink and dishwasher should be adjacent or very close to each other. In addition you may also want to consider storing recycling, tee-towels, cloths and other cleaning materials here.

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Non - Consumables Area

This is one of the most-used and frequented areas where all your crockery, glassware and cutlery is stored. Think about how you would like to access mugs, cups and plates – whether in cupboards or drawers underneath the bench or from overhead cabinets with functional pull-down mechanisms. This area holds around one third of everything you will have in the kitchen so it is important to consider the most comfortable and ergonomic way of utilising it.

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The Cooking area

Here is your oven, hob and extractor fan: the heart of every kitchen. You would typically store cooking utensils, pots, pans, baking trays and even spices nearby the Cooking Area. It can also be useful to keep baking papers and tee-towels close too.

Think about the zones in relation to shape of your kitchen