What shape are you in this Christmas? We’re not talking waistline – the less focus on that over the festive period the better! But what kitchen shape are you in? The kitchen is often the hub of the home and never more so than at Christmas. According to our recent survey, 35% of us have a straight kitchen, 20% a U-shaped set-up and 18% L-shaped. Whatever your layout, getting organised and making the most of available space can go a long way towards helping you create the perfect festive feast.

Light up the big day

From crossing the sprouts to wrapping the pigs in their blankets, preparing food over the Christmas period comes with its own unique set of tasks. Bright task lighting can illuminate food prep areas, enabling attention to detail and resulting in heroic culinary feats. Clever in-cupboard lighting solutions can also ensure that key ingredients are located quickly and easily as you seek to add a dash of delight and a sprinkle of sophistication.

Calm amidst the storm

Avoiding cluttered work-spaces can also help to generate a sense of calm and control as the fantastic chaos of Christmas unfolds all around. Simple tricks like well ordered, stylish cutlery trays, or compact vegetable drawers keep items away from work surfaces and give you the maximum space possible to work your magic.

Access all areas

Christmas produce and ingredients can be cleverly stored in swing-out cupboards that make the most of awkward corner spaces or hidden drawers that fit discreetly behind the plinth. And what about a floor-to-ceiling wine-rack, little more than a bottle-width wide, but capable of storing over a dozen bottles of Christmas cheer?

Kitchens are central to a warm and welcoming home and at Christmas they become the command-centre of the big day. Whatever shaped space you’re in, there are some ingenious and elegant solutions to help you make the holiday period go with a swing. Three cheers for the cook!

Want to find out more about how to make the most of your kitchen shape? Our simple guide is the best place to start.