What’s New: The Autumn Edit

Sliding folding doors for Concealed Kitchen

With people’s lives being extremely packed these days, the last thing they need is a cluttered home environment too. We understand the concerns and have therefore highlighted how sliding and pivot folding doors, combined with several other solutions, can create the ultimate minimalist look of a concealed kitchen.

Handles and knobs

Expanding on the kitchen trends, we offer an insight into handles vs. handle-less kitchens. Whether you want your kitchen to reflect your personality with statement handles, update the look of your kitchen with newly trending handles like brushed chrome, or opt for a streamlined look by going handle-less, we explore all the options to help you choose the best fit.

A kitchen design isn’t complete without a distinct feature. So, whether you are thinking of simply dipping your toe, making a big splash, or even drenching your design with a feature theme, we have covered it all in our 2018 Autumn Edit. Explore how subtle and more dramatic additions can entirely change the look of your space.

colourful and trendy fridge, range cooker and hob

Are you ready to plunge into the world of trends and style? If yes, just sit back and imagine sunning yourself in Italy, with a hot cappuccino and biscotti, while you explore the latest trends. Download the brochure now!  Choose the brochure – What’s New: The Autumn Edit and click submit to download.

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