Have you seen our Christmas ads yet? Take a look below or head to our facebook page and tag that person that our videos remind you of – you’re guaranteed to know at least one person, or they may just remind you of yourself. Find out more about our Christmas personalities and the kitchens designed around their lifestyles below.

The High Risk Manoeuvre

You’ve put your sleeping baby down – a daring move for any parent. You enter the kitchen, no noise, all is going well. You instinctively break into the ‘tip toe’ dance – a slow number that requires extreme delicacy and care and the hope that nobody is watching. Wait, you hear a stir, a reminder that you are partaking in an extremely high-risk operation. The stir stops. You can almost taste the deliciousness waiting for you inside those cupboards but before you can get anywhere near it you face the biggest challenge of them all… Ring any bells?

A kitchen designed around your lifestyle…

Soft close fittings on kitchen cabinet doors and drawers not only help reduce the noise level for sleeping babies but can also extend the life of your cabinets, provide extra safety and add a luxurious finish to your dream kitchen. There are a wide range of soft close solutions that you can browse here or speak to your local Studio Partner about a kitchen designed around you and your lifestyle.

The Ultimate Organiser

Your Christmas cards have been beautifully scripted, stamped and sealed for at least a week in advance of you posting them to arrive promptly on December 1st. The fear alone of being late for anything ensures that you are always early without fail. You know which Christmas presents you are getting for who, where from and have them wrapped and ready in coordinated packaging before most people have even thought about gifts. Ring any bells?

A kitchen designed around your lifestyle…

Whether you consider yourself to be organised or not, your kitchen should be designed and fitted with the solutions that will bring added organisation to your life. Storage solutions that keep items where you need them for when you need then, waste solutions that do the separation for you and smart solutions that keep your tablets and phones close by without any clutter, are just a few of the areas where your local Studio Partner can ensure ultimate organisation in your new kitchen.

‘Is It Christmas Yet!?’

The very first glimpse of Christmas cards and gifts on shop shelves triggers an immediate serge of joy though every inch of your body, one that is to be repeated a week later when you hear the first Christmas jingle. This countdown is one you want to race through seas of tinsel, baubles, woolly jumpers and snow to get to, and November seems to triple in length. You’ve been daydreaming about winter evenings and festive frolicking since Summer. Now is your time. Ring any bells?

A kitchen designed around your lifestyle…

Sliding doors provide living spaces with the ultimate flexibility – opening up or defining areas as and when is desired – ideal for the growing open / broke plan living trend. The sliding doors featured in this video take this one step further – allowing the user to expose or hide elements of the kitchen as required. The system featured, which can be fitted into your new kitchen by your local Studio Partner, was featured in our Concealed Kitchens feature, after being used by our Studio Partner Kettle Co Kitchens after being used in a design on Channel 4’s Grand Designs.

From all of the Ideas for Living team and our Studio Partners, we with you a very Merry Christmas