Creating and maintaining an eco-friendly kitchen is about far more than simply designs and plans, it’s about helping to facilitate a more sustainable way of life.  

Homeowners are becoming increasingly conscious of their choices when it comes to contributing towards a sustainable and healthy environment. Often, the kitchen is the first area that is considered when it comes to designing an eco-friendly living environment. Luckily, the range of products that can help put sustainable thinking at the forefront of any kitchen renovations is ever-increasing, helping to reduce pollution and emissions, save energy and food waste, and slow down global degeneration.

The below kitchen solutions are all available from your local Studio Partner, and can help you to achieve a more sustainable way of life, when integrated into your new kitchen.

Smeg FAB28 Fridge-Freezer

The Smeg FAB28 Fridge Freezer is low on energy consumption, with an impressive A+++ energy rating. This large, 281L capacity fridge also comes with pull out drawers and built in internal LED lighting, and is backed with flame-retardant aluminium foil for additional safety.

If you’re looking for a fridge that makes a serious design statement alongside its eco credentials, take a look at this beautiful appliance in its brand-new Union Jack design

Smeg Blast Chiller

A unique domestic appliance, the Smeg blast chiller can be used to both freeze and cool your food.  Chilling food after cooking it helps to preserve it, reducing the likelihood of food waste. The chiller can also be programmed to perform precise 3-phase dough proving and quickly chill beverages and is even able to heat up so food can be stored at any temperature required.


Affordable, durable and easy to clean, our new range of AluSplash splashbacks are the perfect way to add a striking pop of colour to your kitchen. Made from recycled aluminium, AluSplash provides an ideal fire-resistant alternative to acrylic, glass, and tile splashbacks that is safe to use behind all popular cooktops. Available in ten on-trend colours, AluSplash will add a chic, contemporary, and sustainable edge to any kitchen. AluSplash is also 100% recyclable, lead-free and non-toxic, requires less energy than glass splashbacks to produce, and does not emit greenhouse gases during production.


Cargo Synchro

The Cargo Synchro is a new, pull out waste bin which can be adapted to fit your space and recycling requirements, with various bin configurations possible for different cabinet widths. It also comes with an extendable shelf lid so can be used for recycling cardboard and paper.


Say goodbye to boiling the kettle multiple times a day; GROHE Red® is a beautiful and reliable system that safely delivers kettle hot water straight from the tap, allowing you to save time, space and energy.

Loox LED 2022 Lighting

The modern and versatile Loox LED Lighting range is a favourite amongst kitchen designers. Thanks to the fact that LED bulbs are up to 80% more energy-efficient and long lasting than other types of bulb, Loox is also a fantastic option for eco-friendly lighting.

Our Loox LED 2022 lights are available in both polished chrome and anodised silver finishes, ensuring your kitchen lighting is stylish as well as practical.



Whatever type of lighting you’re looking for, from stylish spotlights for your kitchen, to quirky coloured light for a unique design statement, talk to your local Studio Partner today for advice.  

More eco-friendly solutions…

Smeg’s iconic Union Jack print is also available on the 50’s retro-style two slice toaster. Combining functionality with great style, this toaster offers two wide slots for maximum flexibility, a removable and washable crumb tray and various toasting functions.

The GROHE Blue® delivers instantly chilled still or sparkling water straight to your kitchen. This ingenious tap also uses a five-step filtration process which makes sure even the smallest particles are eliminated from your tap water, without removing all the important minerals that are beneficial to your health.

The BioBin is the perfect solution for all your kitchen food waste.  This practical product hooks over cupboard door tops and fits under worktops, ensuring surfaces remain hygienic.  Simply close the lid to easily eliminate any unpleasant odours.