As well as being a practical element, handles can be a defining feature of a kitchen. One of the most versatile finishing accessories available, handles can blend in subtly, contrast with or highlight features of a kitchen setting.

Reflect your personality

Whatever your preferred style of kitchen, carefully chosen handles can really inject personality into your design. The new GRAF 2 range is a great example of handles that bring a quirky texture and raw finish to furniture – perfect for adding something a little edgy into your design.  In contrast, the U Pull range, available in three sleek finishes, brings a sophisticated elegance for those who prefer contemporary design.

Be Practical

Due to the amount they get used, kitchen cabinets and storage areas can be harder to keep clean. Handles are durable and provide quick and easy access to cabinet contents. All of the new handles introduced to the Häfele range are designed to look great whilst withstanding wear.

Increase distinction or fluidity between living areas

As the trend for open and broken plan living spaces increases in popularity, handles are becoming a way of defining spaces; a physical indication of different living zones or highlighting specific storage cabinets. The Lamont range offers a complete suite of handles and knobs which can be used throughout an open / broken plan space, highlighting areas of function whilst bringing fluidity to the living space.

Update decor easily

A new kitchen should be designed and fitted to suit your lifestyle today and for years to come. However, just as needs change during the lifetime of a kitchen, so do trend preferences. Handles offer an easy and cost-effective way for homeowners to update their kitchen as preferences and trends evolve.


Handle-less kitchens have become a go-to design demand for luxury kitchens in Europe, and the trend is growing in prominence within British kitchen design and manufacturing.  With its clean, seamless aesthetic, it’s not difficult to see why this trend is winning so many homeowners over. Could it be the right design for you?

Sleek, streamlined, uncluttered style

Clean, uninterrupted lines are fast becoming the hallmark of contemporary kitchen design, with the majority of appliances, utensils, crockery and food kept behind closed doors. After all, if you’re going to be investing in worksurfaces and splashbacks that are design features in themselves, why hide them? The handle-less trend builds on this further, creating a completely streamlined style.

Smoother transition between living areas

Modern kitchen design demands a style that brings fluidity between living spaces. Kitchens are increasingly serving as a space for socialising, entertaining or working in, as well as preparing and cooking food, and handle-less design helps create a smooth transition to facilitate multifunctional use. Solutions such as the Line Profile handle maintain this fluidity whilst providing easy-to access function for everyday use.


  Households are increasingly accommodating multigenerational living, so it’s important to think about design features that will be safe for users of all ages. The new Cubic Inset handles provide a flush finish without any protruding fittings or visual disruption.



A familiar trend to the European market, the hidden kitchen concept continues to evolve in creativity. The most notable kitchens featured only subtle indications (such as recessed handles) to indicate their purpose.

Framed Furniture

Framed furniture was prominent at the exhibition, where contrasting materials and hidden handles integrated seamlessly for a handle-less aesthetic, providing an ultra-contemporary design finish.

Handle Finishes

Colour featured heavily throughout handles that were on display.  Well established as go-to finishes, matt black and brass were particularly popular.