Maximising every inch space is about creating more life per m2; whether it be with storage, workspace or dedicated social areas. Here in Britain, we have some of the smallest homes in Europe but the rise in compact living isn’t just down to necessity. The space-optimising solutions used to facilitate this living trend are both innovative and provide a highly desirable aesthetic, as well as a wow factor finish.


Getting the layout right at the start is key to a kitchen space that works for you and your lifestyle. Of course, this will be influenced heavily by the shape of your living space; the most common kitchen shapes being L-shape, Straight Line, Island, U-shape, G-shape and Parallel. In the Kitchen Planning Tool, you can add the specific measurements of your kitchen so that your design is achievable for your own living space.

The Working Triangle

What all kitchens, regardless of shape, require is an efficient working triangle; the journey between your cooking zone (hob or oven), consumables zone (fridge, freezer or larder) and cleaning zone (cleaning storage, tap or sink). Getting the relationship between these areas right is key. 


When designing your kitchen, the Kitchen Planning Tool will highlight the working triangle for you once all of these zones have been added in. Adjust the spacing between the zones until the triangle becomes green – this is your optimum working triangle and the most efficient layout for your kitchen. Once you have your layout identified, you can start thinking about the storage, appliances and finishes that will complete your new kitchen.


Ask most homeowners what they’d like more of in their kitchen, and they’re likely to say storage. Whether it’s for pots and pans, food and ingredients or small appliances, storage is key to keeping your kitchen clutter-free and organised. Gone are the days where storage is a luxury limited to larger living spaces. These days, modern solutions allow even the most compact of living spaces to have more life per m2, making use of every inch of space.

Corner Units

Corner units are a great way to optimise storage space that may otherwise go unutilised. Solutions such as swing or pull out baskets or carousels ensure that you never have to crouch down or bend over digging around for that lost jar, bowl or pan again. These solutions bring the items to you, on trays or baskets that swing or pull out with ease.

Larder Units

Storage isn’t limited to just horizontal space, there are options to maximise vertical space too, with solutions such as larder units. These solutions work in a similar way to corner units, with baskets or trays that pull or swing out as you open the door, bringing the contents directly to you. Available in a wide variety of capacities, heights and finishes to complement your overall aesthetic, larder units provide easy access everyday essentials.


If space is at a premium for you, think about integrated appliances. These solutions will provide the functionality that your lifestyle demands, provide a seamless finish and require a much smaller footprint than their traditional freestanding counterparts.


Built in ovens often come with a variety of functions to suit a wide range of cooking styles, whether you’re a devout foodie or prefer to keep things simple. They also often have deceptively large capacities, are easy to clean, and have soft-close functionality and LED displays.

Washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers

Built in washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers also offer the functionality to meet the demands that modern life throws at them, but can be concealed behind cabinets for a seamless finish.

There are plenty of space-optimising solutions to add to your your Kitchen Planning Tool design. Consider the suggestions above, as well as design elements such as integrated waste solutions or hot taps. Get started now and don’t forget to enter your design for a chance to WIN £10,000 worth of kitchen products from Häfele.