Is a new kitchen on your 2019 ‘to do’ list? Did you get fed up of reaching for those forgotten jars over the festive season, or do you want a more sociable space for entertaining guests? Whatever the reason for wanting a new kitchen this year, we’ve got you covered with the styles, materials and fixtures that you need to know about this year. We asked some of our expert Studio Partners and Suppliers to give us their valuable insight into the ever-evolving demands of kitchen space and how this is impacting on current design and style decisions.

1. Styles



When it comes to style, 2019 is set to see big changes in the kitchen, especially as far as colour palettes are concerned. Earthy neutrals have developed into a design go-to but will develop even further, with units styling hues of natural clay colour. The dramatic dark blues and greens are also set to stay at the top of the wishlist but with a new contrast companion; mixed metal! Fay Branch, of Kingsey Kitchens, explains “Painted Shaker is still very popular but the colour schemes reflect the more contemporary, bolder looks.”


Perhaps one of the most intriguing style break throughs is the trend for minimalism and mindfulness. This increasingly popular trend is a personal favourite of Nikhita Sejpal of AluSplash. “Minimalism is about decluttering your space, gathering the most essential and necessary elements, and ensuring the permanent materials in the space are the showstoppers.”

Smart home

Smart home design is also going to make its mark on kitchen design in 2019, making life more economical, integrated and sustainable. Peter Baxter of Accuride International Ltd tells us “We expect this desire for comfort combined with clear and neat design will drive appliances to become more hidden, such as coffee machines and toasters being integrated or stored away”.

2. Storage


Open Plan

As homeowners continue to look for living spaces that allow them to socialise and entertain in the comfort of their own home, open plan remains the go-to layout for new home builds and house extensions. As a result, we expect to see kitchen islands getting bigger, with increased stool seating, while clutter-free spaces demand creative storage. Nikhita adds “Rather than creating a hollow kitchen island, homeowners are asking for built-in drawers and cupboard space”.

Sleek & Sophisticated

The open plan living style requires items to be ‘out of sight, out of mind’, with clever storage keeping items kept behind closed doors, creating sleek and sophisticated, sleek look. Fay tells us “We’re being asked to incorporate more internal storage solutions, such as baking cupboards and corner larders”. Emma Mcloughlin of Regal Kitchens has a demand for smarter storage from customers, saying “More thought is being put on internal mechanisms for storage solutions as it’s important that the working space remains clutter-free”.


When it comes to a super-organised kitchen, David Shoebridge of Grass UK tells us how clever drawer storage is the answer “Without the correct inserts, a drawer can seem like an empty box. However, with innovative storage solutions, such as the Tavinea system, it’s easy to organise utensils and maximise the space.”

3. Materials


As cooking shows grow in popularity and homeowners increasingly opt for entertaining at home, the demand for kitchens that recreate a professional style, with practical surfaces continues to grow. Nikhita explains “Stainless steel seems to have made a comeback and still remains the bestseller in appliances. A way in which this look can be softened and made more appealing is to pair the steel with lighter woods, marble, or neutral colours.” This mix-and-match of materials is going to be a huge trend in itself for 2019. Edgy surfaces, like bold wood grain or concrete-effect, will match with matte kitchen units to create a highly-desirable contrasting finish. Nikhita says“with the trend for minimalism embodying a tranquil philosophy, the use of natural materials and simplicity in patterns, lighting and colours is the perfect combination.”

4. Lighting


The industrial and minimalist finishes will remain firm favourites in 2019, teamed with edgy lighting designs. Alison Reuben, of Bluebell Fitted Furniture, explains how “more stunning lighting designs, which are easily accessible and great value for money, too.” A great example of this is the use of striking pendant lights, which are often hung over the kitchen island, to create an eye-catching statement feature in an open plan environment.

5. Finishes


Globally, homeowners are demanding more individual styles to make their kitchens as unique as possible – a demand that kitchen designers are meeting with ever-increasing options of finishes. Tony Wilson of GROHE explains how this has affected the finishes of taps “This can affect whether a product looks contemporary or traditional in design. Chrome is still a popular choice, but fashion-inspired finishes, such as copper, brass and rose gold, are also hugely in demand.” It’s not just GROHE who are introducing new additions in contemporary metallic finishes to their collections. Smeg will be launching a stunning range of brass taps and sinks in 2019. Lucy King of Smeg tell us “This will be perfect for adding an extra design element to a kitchen scheme”.